Time Fillers

Every sub has had the experience of facing a class room without sufficient activities for which to fill the time.  It helps to have some activities at your fingertips.

Sees All Knows All Mind Game

*Do the following exercise, guaranteed to raise an eyebrow.

* here's no trick or surprise.

*Just follow these instructions, and answer the questions one at a time and as quickly as you can!

*Again, as quickly as you can but don't advance until you've done each of them..

  1. Think of a number from 1 to 10.
  2. Multiply that number by 9.
  3. If the number is a 2-digit number, add the digits together.
  4. Now subtract 5.
  5. Determine which letter in the alphabet corresponds to the number you ended up with. (Example: 1=a, 2=b, 3=c, etc.)
  6. Think of a country that starts with that letter.
  7. Remember the last letter of the name of that country.
  8. Think of the name of an animal that starts with that letter.
  9. Remember the last letter in the name of that animal.
  10. Think of the name of a fruit that starts with that letter.

98% of the population will think of a kangaroo in Denmark eating an orange.  If you think about it a while you will see why.

You can just do the math part of the exercise and surprise a person when you know the answer.

A Logic Problem - (for Upper Grades)

There are five houses. In each house lives a man a certain nationality, who has his favorite drink, he favorite game, and own unusual pets.

  1. There are fives houses in a row, each having a different color.
  2. The Englishman lives in the red house.
  3. The green house is to the right to the white house.
  4. The Italian owns a guppy.
  5. Lemonade is drunk in the green house.
  6. The Swede drinks coffee.
  7. The man who plays backgammon owns a toad
  8. The man who plays racquetball lives in the yellow house.
  9. The man in the middle house drinks milk.
  10. The Russian lives in the first house.
  11. The man next door to the man who plays quoits, own a camel.
  12. The man who owns the rat lives next to the man who plays racquetball.
  13. The man who plays solitaire drinks vodka.
  14. The man who plays charades is an American.
  15. The Russian lives next door to the blue house.

With the above information you can discover the answer to the following questions.

Question 1- Which man drinks diet soda?

Question 2-Which man owns a spider monkey ?

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